The use of propaganda appears to be an accepted tool of governance; it however becomes foul when government publishes information riddled with pure lies. Mr Peter Obi, the Governor of Anambra State embraces every opportunity to celebrate his government for amongst other government magic [apologies to Fela], constructing hundreds kilometres of roads and being “the least indebted state”. In this essay, I wish to expose as a cheap falsification, Mr Obi’s claims to being a “performing Governor” and similar self-glorifying hypocrisy.

A document titled “ANAMBRA STATE-OVER 500KMS OF ROADS ASPHALTED”, courtesy of “Federal Government Assessment Team/COREN” contains a list of roads purportedly constructed by the Anambra State Government under Peter Obi. The same document boasts that Anambra State has the best road network in Nigeria; the list will naturally seduce anybody into singing the Governor’s praises because it gives the impression that all the roads in the State will shame the highways of Abuja City. As an Anambra indigene, I was cautiously excited by this document until I saw contained in this spurious list, roads allegedly constructed in my home town, Amawbia [Ugbo Ogiliga]. My excitement would have peaked when I saw in the list of roads constructed by Mr Obi’s government, St. Peters-Ugwu Tank Amawbia, Ugwu Tank-Amawbia-Nise By-Pass- except that I knew for sure that no such project was ever undertaken by the Government of Anambra State.

It is a known fact that we are living in a period in time where very little can come in the way of serious projects, especially when quality individuals are entrusted with such tasks. So, to give the Government of Mr Obi the much needed benefit of the doubt, to ascertain the truthfulness or otherwise of the claims contained in this apparently over-bloated document, I called friends in Amawbia-no such project was ever carried out there! The roads remain in the same state we have known them-not tarred; it might interest those that care to know that the Governor of Anambra State has his official residence in Amawbia.

According to this same official document, the road allegedly “asphalted” in my home town that hosts the Governor of Anambra State was constructed under Lot 9, Awka Township Roads. The contract was supposedly awarded to a charlatan firm, Master Holdings Nig Ltd to the tune of N1,041,352,103.13 [please, I’m really scared to put this figures into words], and to be completed in 24 weeks [from February, 2008]. Still quoting the same document, the roads were designed by Engr. Francis Nnebe and co, and the consultants were Bossman and Bossman Engineers. Having identified the rather too wicked lies contained in this document, one would have stoutly scoffed and walked away, except that the Peter Obi administration prances about with claims of having used our money judiciously in constructing beautiful roads in Anambra State. I am sure that many like me would love to hear more on this from the present government of Anambra State especially on how Mr Obi came about the claimed 500 kilometres of asphalted roads and the contract sums expended.

This brings me to the crux of the matter-the ease with which otherwise decent men and women in government churn out lies and claims known to be false. In an earlier essay, I pointed out with examples the viciousness and outright deceit that is Mr Obi’s claims to improving education in Anambra State. Of course, I used the secondary school I attended, Boys’ High School, Amawbia and Girls’ Secondary School, Amawbia as classic examples-two schools that seems to have been doomed for being in the same town with the Governor’s official residence. Just like so many schools in Anambra State, these schools continue to tell a candid but sad story of all that is wrong with Nigeria; a scenario where government systematically stifles education while insulting us with sickening and obscene amount of our money spent in “improving education”. We wonder why youngsters sneer at education while exploring every evil way to live large while we fail to raise alarm at government ineptitude.

I have used the spurious claims and wicked neglect of my home town to expose the hot air that is Mr Obi’s government and will encourage people from other parts of the state to tell us what the government is doing in their area. I have been targeted by faceless human beings whose major pre-occupation remains the celebration of impunity by government-emails accusing me of being “anti-Igbo” find their way into my inbox. Though I never cease to cash in on the satire of both the emails and the stunted world-view of the senders, I equally get depressed. I get depressed at the dearth of awareness amongst our people, I get depressed when I see the speedy growth of a decline in government commitment to the course of governance, I get depressed when I see a culture of government wickedness and ineptitude being covered by men and women who for some reason have chosen to keep quiet while evil thrives.

This is really ridiculous, it is outrageously unbelievable, and a tragic-comedy that looks more like a car crash in slow motion. While the government of Anambra State under Mr Obi continues to celebrate non-existent “asphalted” roads, being the least indebted State, sinking of boreholes, donating computer sets to schools in the State, etc., the fact remains that Anambra remains one place where life is short and brutish! This may well sound like a hyperbole except that Health workers in Anambra State have been on strike for about eight months now, there is no functional water scheme anywhere in the State, and most importantly, armed robbery and kidnapping has brought the commercial town of Nnewi to its knees. And without any trace of humility, without any modicum of shame and contrition, without any desire to empathize with the traumatised Ndi Anambra, the government of Anambra State rolled out the drums to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the creation of Anambra State.

Of course, the government of Mr Obi continues to regale us with tales of how the Governor went about town selling kerosene to the long-suffering indigenes of the State. I assume that it is only a people already dead to the vicious pangs of hunger and government neglect that would not retch at this apparent insult-Mr Obi and his handlers should really be ashamed. A situation whereby the government fails live up to the expectations of those that voted it into power calls for some serious sober reflection.

Anambra State under the present government is being sustained by spin of a very curious nature; our people appear to have erected a strong pillar of disdain and a nonchalant disposition as a way of tolerating government impunity. What else could make a people to keep quiet when a government supposedly elected by them fail to pay civil servants for up to eight months? What else could make a people to resort to self-help when government hospitals are shut for months because workers are on strike? How could a people of a state gloat about being happy when there is no functional water scheme in any part of that state? Kidnappers and armed robbers having a field day when the Governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the State trousers millions of Naira monthly as “Security Vote”, this is really absurd and a horrifying situation to comprehend.

I am particularly incensed by Mr Obi’s wanton display of a mind frame that fails to contend with the fact that the affairs of government would be superbly savoured when the citizenry feel the good effects of government work. Courting the services of dodgy characters and notorious charlatans to spew forth lies to gloss over government failures would never impress serious folks. Governor Peter Obi remains the Governor of my State and I would always call on him to correct the numerous ills militating against the attainment of a robust Anambra State. it would be evil of me to keep quiet when government lies about constructing roads in my home town and other towns, it would amount to a great disservice to those that look up to people like me to keep quiet when the school I attended and other schools in the state are left to decay.

Talking about schools in Anambra State, it would be nice for Mr Obi to tell us why he failed to enrol his children into public schools in the State as he promised during his campaign. This to me could well be said to be the height of insincerity on the Governor’s part-he raised so much dust about the decay of schools in the state and swore to restore education in Anambra to its past glory, and his children educated in the public school system. Whither those promise? As a proud Anambra citizen, I will continue to commend the Governor when there is need for such. I will also remain steadfast in my calls for a sincere government in my state. It would be nice for the Governor to come out openly and tell us what happened to the roads mentioned in this essay and what happened to our money allegedly spent. For now, I insist that the Peter Obi government did not clear any bush path in Amawbia.

Thank you.



I decided to react to Joe Igbokwe’s attack on Major Al-Mustapha because I believe that in a civilized world, every accused person has a right to a fair trial in a court of law. Al-Mustapha is standing trial accused of many crimes amongst which is ordering the murder of Kudirat Abiola-the fact that this case has been lingering for the past 12 years or so seems not to matter to individuals like Joe Igbokwe. From every indication, it appears that this man standing trial is being used as a scape-goat by some people who loathe his late boss, General Sani Abacha-even in death.

For the records, I find nothing appealing in the professional commitments of Major Mustaspha and I am no fan of his. However, my concern in this matter is borne out of a genuine concern for the plight of a fellow primate. Major Mustapha did not choose to serve as the Chief Security Officer to the most hated and vilified ruler of Nigeria-he was appointed based on, I suspect his competence as a military officer. General Abacha as the Head of State ran the most repressive regime in the history of our country and many citizens were brutally murdered, many citizens were jailed and tortured for daring to raise a dissenting voice, many unprintable atrocities were allegedly committed by his government. We are still reeling from the depressing effects of Abacha’s misadventure. Mustapha may have deliberately contributed his quota as Abacha’s CSO to the charade that was his boss’s government. That is why he is facing trial.

Incidentally, after about 12years in jail, Major Al-Mustapha is finally in court to answer to the serious charges levelled against him by the State-I dare say that it may well appear that he is making a bold attempt at making the most of this opportunity. One would have expected decent men like Mr Joe Igbokwe to be excited at this turn of event which could be seen as an opportunity for us to know what actually happened during those dark days of Abacha’s dictatorship. I had expected Joe Igbokwe to vilify a democracy that has kept Mustapha in jail for more than a decade without any conviction, I had expected to see Joe Igbokwe shed the toga of partisan politics and call for justice for everyone in this case. Lives were brutally cut short, minds were broken and shattered in Abacha’s jail, the resources of a nation were looted silly by agents of the government and finally, the lone man remaining accused of being the master-minder in the whole saga is given the opportunity to defend himself against serious charges. Why not comment on serious issues at stake rather than call Al-Mustapha names that portray him as an evil primate?

It is barbaric to call a man standing trial before a judge “a notorious criminal and serial killer…” where is Mr Igbokwe’s decency? Would it not be more decent to allow the courts to determine this man’s culpability rather than condemn him before the conclusion of his trial? Is it not worrying that men and women that claim to be pro-democracy activist kept quiet at the apparent injustice being played out here; what manner of democracy will lock a man up for more than a decade while employing every sinister ploy to keep him in jail without finding him guilty? I may well be wrong, but I sincerely believe that there is more to Al-Mustapha’s travails than meet the eyes. Why is Joe Igbokwe rather too quick to chuck the considered positions of notable Yoruba leaders like Fredrick Fasheun and Ganiyu Adams? For the records, these men argued for a deeper reflection on the allegations made by Major Al-Mustapha that notable Yoruba leaders were compromised during the struggle for the actualization of Abiola’s June 12 mandate.

Major Al-Mustapha could well be guilty of all the charges against him, he could equally be a horrible conman as Joe Igbokwe would like us believe, but the crux of the matter is that the society will never take that lovely step towards progress if it dabbles into paying back evil with evil. All over the world, every attempt is being made to sniff out men and women that benefitted from crime, especially crime against humanity. Ours should not be different; Nigeria would be the better for it if the courts find Mustapha guilty and punish him accordingly or set him free if found innocent. Public commentators like Mr Igbokwe should join the campaign to investigate the claims being made by Mustapha-especially claims relating to the wanton and curious disbursement of our money by General Abdusalam Abubarkar.

It is beginning to appear as if Joe Igbokwe is too partisan to appreciate the nastiness of his outburst on Major Mustapha, it is also very apparent that he chooses whom to condemn. I make bold to say this because he once made a rather too comical attempt at turning Bola Tinubu into a saint-this is a man who to my knowledge, has loads of cases stacked against him, from certificate forgery to stealing of public funds. Of course, I would not want to rush to a conclusion in Senator Bola Tinubu’s case but Igbokwe in his usual characteristics have done just that-Tinubu is a saint.

Let Major Al-Mustapha have his day in court, let him employ every imaginable antic to defend himself, allow him the luxury of finding his voice after more than a decade in detention- he is entitled to all that under a democracy. However, what we can be thrilled about in this whole saga is one thing; the truth must always prevail. As Africans, we believe that the spirit of the dead somehow find a way to visit those responsible for their death. May the spirit of those murdered under Abacha’s regime find a way to rise up to this challenge; expose Al-Mustapha if he is lying or set him free to go home to his family.


It is a heart-wrenching scenario the orchestrated marginalization of the South East of Nigeria by the Government of Nigeria; everything to strangulate the region is being thrown at it. However, I am extremely miffed by the simple fact that Igbos appear to be part of the grand design to self-destruct this once vibrant Zone-our politicians at the top level of the scheme of things in Nigeria are continuously failing to fight for the people that elected[?] them. We have been abandoned by our Abuja politicians who collect huge sums of our money as salaries and perks while lying openly about representing us.

I find it particularly immoral for Igbo politicians who climbed on the shoulder of Ndi Igbo to scale the fence of hunger into opulence to now abandon the people to their wretched fate. It is true that Nigerian politicians represent the worst pack of capricious leeches and liars, it is true that they are notorious for pocketing obscene sums of money meant for societal development; what is however very true is that the politicians from the South East are men and women who see politics as a means to an end-the end being a break away from want and hunger. Although it would be wrong and insensitive of me to address all the big-politicians of Igbo extraction as belonging to this class of selfish clowns, the disturbing fact remains that collectively, they are not getting it right.

Of particular interest to me is the state of roads in the entire South East region of Nigeria; a place sinfully notorious for having the worst road network in the entire country. In an earlier essay, I likened a sojourn to the South East to an attempt at traversing the Biblical Golgotha-a place that is abundantly wretched and depressing. Our roads are completely treacherous and lives are lost daily on them while both motor vehicles and the human minds are shattered. There is no denying the fact that the Federal Government of Nigeria remains sinfully aloof to the plight of the Igbo nation; what with the lies and outright pettiness that is employed in handling every calamity that befalls Ndi Igbo? President Goodluck Jonathan should be man enough to admit his shame by apologising to us for being part of a government that orchestrated this neglect and for now leading a government that continues to snuff the life out of the South East.

I expect to hear what the Federal Government and its errand men and women of Igbo origin will say to us about the state of the Enugu Onitsha Highway, Onitsha-Owerri Highway, Enugu-Port Harcout Highway and Nnewi-Uga road. These are roads that aptly paint a picture of a war-torn Biafra during the civil war; totally dilapidated and washed out. Though Julius Berger Nig Plc is known to handle serious road repairs and construction in Nigeria, I fail to see the comic relief in the choice of a not-really-funny CCC to undertake the repairs of Federal roads in the South East. This is a company that at best appears more like an apprentice in roads construction-from the Owerri-Onitsha road to the now non-existent Enugu-Onitsha “express road”, this company is engaged in what could best be described as an act of war against the people of the South East. The story is that the Federal Government is not releasing the needed funds to power these contracts.

This is where I have a serious grudge against all the elected members of the National Assembly who are Igbos; what are they doing about the apparent neglect of their region by the government they serve? Where then is that moral justification for throwing caution to the wind by “voting for Jonathan and not the PDP” when it has been revealed by no other person than the current Minister for Works, Arc Mike Onolememem that instead of the N7b required, only N300m was budgeted for the repair of Enugu-Onitsha “express road” in 2011?  I did not vote for President Jonathan because I refused to be seduced by that sinister argument presented by the leadership of Ndi Igbo that they were voting for Mr Jonathan Goodluck, and not the PDP-nothing could be farther from the truth. Elected members from other regions of Nigeria form pressure groups to press the case for a greater government investment in their regions and they most times succeed- the South East is best known to have elected and selected members whose agbata-ekee mentality propels them towards fighting for their own welfare and pockets! Instead of fighting to bring development closer to their people, our elected members of NASS continue to pollute our environment with fumes coming from the many SUVs they use in driving us further into extinction-not forgetting the loud sirens that announce their presence.

The collapse of the South East of Nigeria is complete; the glaring lack of any form of infrastructural development makes the place a horrible place to live in. The average Igbo folk is comfortable with a thick sense of apathy and total disregard to anything that reeks of government; this is borne out of the fact that Nigeria as a nation continues to close its nose at the stench wafting from the sore wounds of Ndi Igbo. This could well explain the Igbo man’s shallow pride at being egalitarian and republican in nature; I have everything against this mind-frame because it nurtures a situation where we fail to hold our governments accountable. By surrendering our rights to our government, we have accepted to expect that government to cater for our needs and provide an enabling environment to help us achieve our dreams. We have thus chosen representatives to help us tell this government what our needs are but alas, one continues to see a case of total betrayal and abandonment.

It is not yet late in the day for our elected representatives to rise up to the occasion and bring development to Igbo land, it will be really uplifting for any Igbo member of the National Assembly to point to one completed project financed by him/her using the millions collected in our name as “Constituency  Development Funds”. I chose the word “uplifting” carefully here because, it is no secret that these men and women pocket hundreds of millions of Naira which they collect in our name without bothering to give something back to the society. Everywhere in Igbo land, I continue to see men and women who went to Abuja as either “Distinguished Senators” or members of the House of Representatives as honest individuals only to come back physically bloated with the attendant now macho financial muscle. I continue to marvel at this rapid growth, I continue to wonder at the speed with which they build giant mansions and acquire expensive motor vehicles and tastes, and I continue to cringe and tear at my head at the apparent misplacement of values and priorities. And then I ask is this what politics is all about?

A politics that celebrates lying to your own people and using them as a means to an end is pathetic and sad. Because of the obscene money accruable to elected politicians in Nigeria, it continues to be an enterprise that promotes the worst set of charlatan values and mediocre characters. For the purpose of this essay, I pray the politicians from the South East and Nigeria as a whole to see their trade as instrument to be directed towards a service to humanity. The evil that continue to thrive in Nigeria will not be wished away by the prayers offered daily by our religious men and women, the hunger, the diseases, the crimes, the total lack of trust, the hopelessness that stalk our nation will not grow wings and fly away. They won’t; but I genuinely believe that much difference will be made if our politicians who claim to fight for the people come out to do so. God will not come down from the sky to better our lot. We, the people are dying and those elected to work for us should better give us succour before it is too late.



As free citizens that belong to a socially structured society, our faith in Government ordinarily ought to be stout-this is because we are all stakeholders bound together in a social contract. A government elected by us is thus armed with the necessary resources required to provide an egalitarian society peopled by happy citizens. A government therefore exists for the people, and not the other way round.

We have an elected civilian government in Nigeria-it remains debatable whether this government is sincerely engaged in working for the masses or the masses being systematically starved to death while those in government live in splendour. This point of view remains inevitable since President Goodluck Jonathan announced his plans to make to be altered the tenure of elected government officials. It is apparent that most Nigerians are saddened by this development by the deafening cries calling for this move by Mr President to be chucked. In his defence, Mr Jonathan has argued that he was only trying to complete a move initiated by the late President Ya’ardua; and of course, he did not intend to benefit from it, etc. I am simply not impressed by Mr President’s argument in support of tampering with the tenure of our elected government officials.

There are so many reasons why I remain pathologically opposed to this gambit by the PDP-led federal government, but chief amongst them remains that tenure elongation by whatever name is not what the long-suffering people of Nigeria need at this point. Our politicians while remaining outrageously greedy have perfected the art of gaffe, insincerity of the worst order and comedy. All the reasons presented by our President to support his move for a constitutional amendment all point to one thing-that our politicians are the architects of all that is wrong with our politics. Included in the ills to be corrected by a tenure tampering is “god-fatherism, incumbency factor, thuggery…” This is rather comical since these evils are essentially the trade mark of the PDP; political evils chiefly employed by former President Obasanjo to further his rampaging fiefdom. Why are we not talking about making use of legal checks to eliminate the madness that takes over our politicians during election periods? When was the last time an election rigger was jailed in Nigeria? Maurice Iwu conducted elections that threw up spurious victories which were later upturned by the courts- those sacked for rigging elections walked away without any punishment and became “party stalwarts”-and very rich. Mr President should rather focus on setting in motion moves to make elective positions less financially attractive in our country- this will go a long way in reforming our politics, for good.

Our President did not sound convincing when he argued rather unimpressively that “…all major political parties in Nigeria…” came together to approve this particular constitutional amendment. I was able to mitigate my misery when I saw the names of Edwin Ume-Ezeoke and Chekwas Okorie in the list of those from “opposition political parties” that supported the move-my mitigation came in the form of a comic-relief. These two men, perfect representations of the insincerity and avarice of a typical Nigerian politician have proved so many times to be political-jobbers; Edwin Ume-Ezeoke was almost an extension of the PDP under Ya’ardua’s leadership [his son was made a federal minister] while Okorie left no one in doubt that he was playing out a well-crafted script to kill APGA, an Igbo party. Men like them should not be taken serious in any issue involving good governance because they have proved to be more interested in feathering their own nests rather than fight for the common good.

Moreover, it is my considered view that this move by our PDP-led government could be an attempt to protect the collective interest of the political class. A six year single term will make it a lot easier for the “national cake” to be rotated amongst the greedy men [and women] sitting round the table with very long/sharp knives. One suspects intensely that members of our political class may have decided to find a way around their constant often-bloody fights and rancour by deciding to find a more “peaceful” way of running the relay of government. The way this move is being organized and the timing of it make my suspicion more passionate. Again, one could churn out so many arguments against tampering with the tenure of those we elect to run our state by this government, it is however important that I walk the road of reminding President Jonathan what WE need as citizens of the Federal Republic.

What about reforming the Nigerian Police Force? It is a shame that a body as important as the police saddled with the job of protecting our lives and properties remains a glaring picture of all that is wrong with our country. Our police force is ill equipped to tackle the gory crimes of our time, our police officers are poorly trained and lack motivation, and the philosophy of the force is flawed and archaic. Modern day policing is intelligence-based; developed nations invest huge resources in ensuring that their police is adequately kitted with all the tools needed to carry out their functions effectively. The use of technology and constant training goes a long way in creating a friendly police force made up of friendly and dedicated officers. What we have in Nigeria remains a police force with a colonial mentality; a force made up of mostly poorly educated men and women whose misery is brutally directed at making live “short and brutish” for the citizens they swore to protect. Every government gets the police force it pays for and this could well explain why the failures of our government to re-organize the police force for the better remains why we have this rag-tag outfit. Armed robbers, kidnapers, religious zealots and similar rogue elements are fast turning Nigeria into a nasty place to live in and it is apparent that our police and other security outfits are not able to “serve and protect”

What about declaring that emergency in the power sector? It is unbelievable that with our wealth as a nation, Nigeria is unable to guarantee a regular power supply. It is equally shocking that while our government is unable to achieve these “feat”, agents of government and politicians become stupendously rich-pocketing our money budgeted for this very important reform. Our country may well be the highest importer of power generating sets from china [there is usually a budget provision for “plants and diesel” for Aso Rock”]. It is immoral for the government to be talking about changing the tenures of our elected government officials whose sole aim is to grab as much as possible of our patrimony while ignoring to bring to book those that stole our money. This is an example of economic sabotage because so many industries and businesses have collapsed due to lack of regular electric power supply.

Mr President and his team will bring about a brilliant reform in Nigeria if they succeed in giving us a sound healthcare system. Nigerian citizens continue to die daily of preventable diseases, our hospitals are mostly stone-aged clinics where people actually go to die. To our national shame [ we know no shame],our government officials continue to troop abroad to be treated in hospitals built by sane governments, politicians and bankers standing trial accused of stealing public funds continue to apply for bail to allow them travel abroad for “health reasons”. Nigerian citizens now resort to patronizing charlatan faith-healers who wickedly collect huge sums for “prayers and deliverance”; we have more faith in olive oil and similar “anointing oil” as replacements for drugs for our sickness. Nigeria is really a very wealthy nation but those elected to run our affairs continue to cart away our money to foreign lands. We need a functional healthcare system to take care of our health needs; we are tired of hearing of billions allocated to the “Ministry of Health” without seeing any meaningful contribution from this waste-pipe. What exactly do they do in that bloody ministry?

What about “reforming” our roads in Nigeria? For the avoidance of doubt, I genuinely believe that the state of roads in our country is enough to bring about a revolution in Nigeria. It is wicked for government to continue to talk of billions spent on road rehabilitation while the fact remains that our roads are all gone. All across the country, Nigerian citizens are subjected to the horrors of travelling on roads that are both treacherous and hellish; the South East of Nigeria takes the biscuit here. We continue to see the horrible deaths on our dilapidated roads while government continue to blow hot air about “bringing the dividends of democracy”.  Will the heavens come down on us if government works towards building new roads and maintaining existing ones? Why is it impossible for government to come out openly and apologize to Nigerians for failing them and take those that rob us to stand before a Judge? Whatever happened under Mr Tony Anenih as the Minister for Works? When will this man be called to account for the hundreds of billions of Naira allocated to his ministry with nothing to show for it? I continue to feel the horrible pains of ulcer whenever I see the closeness of this man to the corridors of power.

It is depressing seeing Dr Reuben Abati struggling to explain to Nigerians the rationale behind this unholy tenure elongation gambit. The constant repetition that President Jonathan will not benefit from this change if actualized makes it the more questionable. Our cynicism is well justified because we scratch our heads and remember the ways of old; soon after getting the desired tenure tampering, a group of deluded “party faithful” will come together under one evil name and start “pressurizing” the President to please run again. Bill boards, newspaper pages filled with adverts and similar nonsense will be massively employed by these morons to “convince” him not to “abandon Nigeria at this critical stage”, the PDP and some PDP-funded opposition political parties will come together and announce to the glory of God that the President was God sent, they will remind us that he had no shoes as a youngster and trekked to school, women leaders will join the foray and start threatening to place an embargo on an aspect of matrimonial bliss that sprouts behind closed doors if Jonathan did not continue in power, who else to benefit from the new arrangement if not a man clearly blessed? The Niger Delta gangs will start shooting into the air with threats of going back to the creeks to continue doing what they really do well, the Boko Harams will add their dissenting voice, shouts of Allah Akbar will become deafening. The polity will be “heated” thereby making the demand for our President to “run” again more appealing-so that he can “stabilize” the nation, etc.

Please, will the PDP-led federal government concentrate on attempting to run a government that will cater for the hungry citizens of Nigeria? It is absolute nonsense and smacks of insensitivity for Mr President to be so fast in playing this tenure elongation gambit; Nigerians who voted for “Jonathan and not the PDP” must be gnashing their teeth now. I continue to argue that the PDP is a cabal [apologies to Dora Akunyili] who are passionate about remaining in power till thy kingdom, under-developing Nigeria while developing their pockets. I have this feeling that President Jonathan Goodluck is a clear picture of a car crash in slow motion-he is fast displaying all the traits of double-faced dictator. Nigerians might not really care how long an elected person stays in office, but we still feel the pangs of all the hardship the government throws at us. Life is hard in Nigeria and the government is rather too slow in finding a clue to how to better our lot; however the Presidency is too quick in the day to be championing calls for a tenure elongation.

Rome is burning while the Emperor fiddles…?